Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Huh? What? Real Life? Awwww no!


Happy New Year and all that Bo!@#$ks.

getting up at 06:25 this morning was a shocker

Deliberately not posted anything over the break as I wanted to spend time with the kiddiwinks and what not.

So as a result my in-game play time was pretty limited as well, with only a couple of evenings (and a few more early mornings), but I'm now only 40k renown away from 76 (huzzah)

Currently running at 298.6 damage bonus (3 glpyhs, cloak+jewel, and 3 int set bonuses) so I'm melting faces, my survivability is ridiculously low though (Beslen looks at me and I fall over) and I might have to drop 2 of the glyphs and go 4pc sov when I hit 76

But anyway, the developers have woken up from their hibernation and Andy has posted a list of what they're working on (http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/232/index/5618700/1) and here are a couple of musings on said post...

  • A fix for the RR84 Respawn bug is currently in testing. We're hoping to have this pushed live this week. As such, we're delaying weekly maintenance until this fix passes testing.
This hasn't affected me, not being 84 'n all, but I've heard a lot of complaining about it, good show

  • ORvR Anti AFK measures currently in testing
Hooray! you know my thoughts on this

  • Tweaking Thanquol's Incursion boss encounters.
Again, good one, but maybe more needs to be done to actually encourage players to enter the dungeon

  • Revamping the Packmaster Play As Skaven class to make it more utilitarian and globally useful.
Excellent, by boosting the packmaster, you're also boosting the Rat Ogre by proxy which means we may see more people flying onto ramparts in a keep siege near you soon

  • Potentially adjusting Battle Field Objective interact flags. Looking into possibly increasing interact time and requiring players to be out of combat to use
lost a BO the other day by a WH using last stand and capping the flag while a warband failed to kill him, good times ^^ preventing this is a good idea

  • Evaluating pre RR81 RvR Weapon Costs, looking into further reducing their costs
Can only be a good thing for those people ranking up

  • Minor mirroring changes between the Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine
Not fussed :)

  • Internal design and testing on Single Target Healing changes. Potentially reducing cast time of AM, SHA, RP and ZLT single target high value heals (long cast time), improving single target healing capabilities of WP/DoK and moving WP/DoK melee lifetap into the appropriate Mastery Paths (melee healing).
This could be interesting, on the rare occaision I play my zealot, the only time I ever use Elixer of Dark Blessings is just after I popped Focused Mind, and even then I'm more likely to use Dust of pandemonium, dropping eodb down to a 2s cast could be a really great change for a healer that is already amazing at ST healing

Nothing mentioned about the borked Realm War pages though :(

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